Our Charity Work

Help Lesotho 2008Four years ago we created ‘totem’ – a team of colleagues representing different areas of our business who discuss how best as a company we can support our UK charities and the events that individuals participate in. Divided into the totem living and giving, we review the requests for charitable support; giving something back and our living element is how we choose to reward the efforts of our colleagues overall.

This year we have have also embarked upon a significant project in Malawi, Eastern Africa with the creation of an orphanage and maize mill. Initial discussions with the Tikondwe organisation began in May 2012 where plans for the project were proposed and agreement reached. Working with this well established organisation, we are funding the construction of an orphanage, dining room and school which will support over 300 children. Creation of the maize mill allows the local community to be more self-sufficient and provide a living for many families.

In addition we are supporting a number of Malawian women who are setting up their own businesses, providing advice and education on how to run a business. And the project remains inclusive to all our colleagues who are invited to donate items that are parcelled up on a regular basis for the children to receive.

About the Tikondwe Organisation:

Founded in 2000, Tikondwe is a non-profit making organisation that helps to improve the welfare of the Malawian people through better education, specifically aimed at women and children. Covering 18 villages with seven community schools, Tikondwe also supports over 500 homeless orphans; a number that increases every year due to AIDS.

In 2012 totem gave over £390k to charitable causes in the UK and overseas. We are particularly proud of our involvement with projects in Malawi and our support of Inspire+, a charity that has inspired over 20,000 children in the Lincolnshire area to be involved and participate in sporting activities. Students benefit from more than just fitness; sport brings them confidence, determination, courage and the will to achieve. Initially Inspire+ worked with 43 schools, this has now expanded to 72. Recently endorsed by Lord Coe, Inspire+ focus for 2013 will be to build on the Olympics and Paralympics legacy.

In 2011 totem giving gave £83,000 in charitable donations including £10,000 to the DEC East African famine appeal. In additional to our international charity support we continue to support our local charities and community initiatives ranging from our local St Barnabas Hospice in Grantham to our continuing support of Breakthrough Breast Cancer.

In 2010 totem gave over £70,000 in charitable donations. We have supported and helped to match fund many events and causes including

  • Save the Children Pakistan appeal – over £5,000 in response to the devastating floods
  • Breast Cancer Care – our Wear it Pink Friday raised £301.91. Thanks to everyone who got into the spirit of the event and went that extra mile for this great charity.
  • Save the Children Haiti appeal – our employees raised over £10,500 in just under three weeks in response to this appeal
  • Lymphoma Research, Nottingham University Hospital Charity – Wendy Johnston ran the Polar half marathon to raise money for this charity and Totem matched her sponsorship total of £313.50.
  • Breakthrough Breast Cancer Charity Ball – an annual Ball held in October for over 200 guests. In a repeat of last year, the Totem fund has given £1,000 in support of the Ball.

Help Lesotho – during 2008, two phases of volunteers visited Lesotho in support of the charity and its activities for six weeks at a time.

Vitalise – providing respite for people with disabilities and their carers we held fundraising events throughout 2006 and 2007 including a charity ball.