Our values represent us and how we do business at totemic. They have evolved from the listening project in 2019 to their current form and will continue to develop in line with our Company, our people and our culture. Our totem pole represents our values and all areas of our business. Each value has been thoroughly considered and corresponds with the nature of the animal chosen to represent it. We hope that you recognise and share our values and we invite you to take a closer look at each one below.


The Eagle stands proud at the top of our Totem pole as our symbol for SUCCESS. Like any business, without success we can’t function and when we can’t function, we can’t do all the good things we like to do for our clients and for our colleagues. Here sits strategy, creativity, and reward & recognition. We recognise and value our people’s successes and we promote a culture and environment where success is rewarded. totemic aspires to deliver pay and benefits in line with our financial success – so when the business does well, our people do well.


VITALITY defines our strength and energy and underlines the need for our business and our people to be FIT FOR PURPOSE. It is important to us for our business to be safe; for our staff to be well-trained and be able to give us their best; and for all our people know they are supported mentally, emotionally socially and financially. Compliance and regulation, Personal Development and Health & Wellbeing are represented by our Hare.


Being a family run business means we treat our people as part of our extended family. We look out for each other when times are tough and support one another when it matters most. We work together to make positive changes to achieve more. Coming together for discussion, sharing ideas, and delivering good communication to all our people is key to our success and fosters BELONGING. Being inclusive, celebrating diversity, and supporting staff-run clubs and societies also sit under this value, symbolised by our dog. Listening to the people and being able to respond by building strong and effective teams demonstrate how.

For Good

We have always believed we can change the world! We know we can have a good impact on our clients, our people, our community, and the environment. We know we can make a difference and share our success which is why we are FOR GOOD. Symbolised by our Frog – a creature which is good for the symbiosis of its own environment – charitable initiatives and community projects have always been firmly engrained within our culture. Giving something back is one of our strengths. Our HR and Estates teams herald this value and help create our own unique environment. 


We have an open and relaxed culture where decisions are made quickly, and we readily adapt to ever changing markets and situations. We actively seek to make improvements to our business, and we regularly celebrate. Our final value – depicted by a Monkey – epitomises our energy, our dynamic nature, and our desire to play and have fun. We are ACTIVE and we make things happen. Our directors join our colleagues at events and challenges. We promote physical activity and health. We work closely with the departmental managers to inspire their people to deliver great business and encourage their teams to play. Our business has a dedicated engagement function where we focus on making totemic a better place to work. We celebrate individuality and, when the working week is over, we want our people to have fun.

Our values represent us and how we do business at totemic