Over the last 30 years, and since the formation of totemic, the UK’s financial services sector has undergone many changes. There has been a huge increase in the number of products, services and companies entering the market; a wealth of changes in regulation and codes of conduct regarding how we treat clients; and waves caused by the impacts of recession and economic uncertainty.

Consumer trends have also shifted and the number of people in debt has soared. This has subsequently affected their ability to take out finance from increasingly stringent lenders that have tightened their criteria because of their own regulatory restrictions.

In addition, the ever-evolving world of technology has transformed with most people now carrying out their finances online, quickly and conveniently. totemic has embraced these changes and used its expertise in one area to capitalise on opportunities within the financial services market.

it all began

The first incarnation of totemic was set up by the founder at home in the early 1990s, where a handful of people provided advice and debt solutions to police officers and members of the British forces who were struggling with their finances.

Over time partnerships were established and developed with the Government, money advice organisations, trade unions, corporate employers and creditors. The number of people requiring debt advice also increased, which meant that employee numbers grew, the business expanded into larger premises and PayPlan become one of the UK’s largest free to consumer debt help providers.

The totemic group now consists of several businesses which operate across the debt advice, debt management, collections, insurance, and lending industries. From humble beginnings, totemic has grown to be a diverse group with more than 700 employees, over 100,000 clients and has distributed more than £300m to financial institutions.

totemic is approaching its fourth decade and throughout this time has become one of Grantham’s largest employers and helped over one million people in debt