Red Potato

Red Potato is the direct-to-customer business, which is a part of Premium Plan Ltd. We specialise in helping customers with bad credit, so if a customer is looking for a used car and has a less than perfect credit history, Red Potato can help to source both the car as well as affordable finance – even if they have been declined elsewhere.

We consider applications from customers with poor credit scores in a way that’s both non-judgemental and transparent. Whilst we take customer’s credit score into account, we also look at what they can reasonably afford to pay each month. We consider their monthly outgoings – such as phone bills and credit cards – and we look at their proven commitment to paying back debt.

Who we work with

We work with customers from all walks of life – in a diverse range of situations. We have a particular specialism working with customers who’ve found themselves in a poor debt situation.

We offer car finance for customers who:

  • Are in an IVA or other Debt Management Plan
  • Have previously been declared bankrupt
  • Have a County Court Judgement
  • Have a balloon payment they need to finance

What we do

Our team is on hand to guide customers through the entire process, ensuring they get the right information at the right time to make their car buying experience as seamless as possible. We make getting affordable finance easy and stress-free, this involves a process where:

  • No deposit is needed
  • We perform a quick and easy credit check
  • We don’t solely focus on credit history, but consider other factors too

We are committed to helping customers find their ideal car at an affordable price and arranging the finance to help them fund their new vehicle. There are no administration fees, and we provide instant indicative lending decisions through our website with no impact to customer credit scores.