Our opportunities

Totemic takes pride in its workforce. Our people are professional, enthusiastic and optimistic and individually they share the drive and ambition to succeed and develop.

We value our employees; without their hard work and dedication there would be no company. We expect a lot from everyone who works for us, but we also give a lot in return.

As part of our recruitment process, we will keep you informed throughout your application journey.   The HR Recruitment team are approachable, and we endeavour to make the recruitment process as comfortable as possible for all our candidates

To ensure we have the right person in the right job, we hold Competency Assessments Centres to support the Recruitment and Selection process.  These Centres will be focused towards the role you have applied for and will thoroughly assess your skills against those required for the position. The Competency Assessment Centres are led by a member of our HR Recruitment team, who will assess your skills and behaviours in order for us to evaluate where you would best fit within our company.

If successful, an offer pack is sent to you with all of the information relevant to your new position. Once you join Totemic you will receive a comprehensive induction which will introduce you to your new role, your new department and to the wider Totemic family. You will also be informed of the company’s aims and goals to which you will be a significant part of.

With Totemic you will have the opportunity to change and develop with our support, as the company changes and expands with you.

Our head office is based in the market town of Grantham in the East Midlands. You can find out more about this great place here.

If you are interested in any of our current vacancies, or have any questions about Totemic, please do not hesitate to call the HR Recruitment team on 01476 517777 or email recruitment@totemic.co.uk


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