Paylink has a proven track record of delivering reliable, professional cash management and onboarding software solutions using robust and secure systems. We’re proud to say we always meet and exceed our client’s expectations, including the most bespoke requirements.

Paylink is our financial services software solutions company, focused on delivering management, operational and customer platforms. Our portfolio of products enable your business to meet growing customer demand, service customers efficiently and track and monitor all transactional activity within your business. Paylink solutions provide data transparency, cost-efficiencies, improved processes and reduced business risk.

Working within the banking, insurance, lending and debt financial sectors Totemic has a long experience in dealing with a vast number of transactional requirements, currently facilitating more than £200m of cash distribution across a range of financial institutions for more than 100,000 clients. Developed for a range of borrowing and lending requirements, our products have been established to integrate into your business in an efficient manner, quickly adding value through operational efficiencies and improved customer insight.

At Paylink we recognise that in this fast paced, digitally evolving world it’s more and more imperative to meet your client’s needs, to enable them to service themselves more effectively and ensure your business can interact with them in the most efficient way possible

The Paylink Platform and our product solutions have been designed with your clients at the forefront, both in regards to ensuring they experience a smooth and efficient journey with yourselves and also in regards to your business gaining better understanding of your client and increasing your client interaction.

Regardless of the sector your business falls within, the Paylink team will work closely with you to evaluate your requirements all with the intention of enabling you to:

  • Align your business processes with your client needs
  • Achieve greater operational cost efficiencies
  • Increase your speed to market with client based product innovation
  • Identify ways to generate greater revenue and increase your profit margins
  • Identify further opportunities between your business and your market


The Paylink Platform

A powerful end-to-end transactional platform, delivering enhanced and dynamic client interaction through their journey with your business.



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